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Dual Head Stethoscope Adult (Blue)

  • Reliable Performance For Heart, Lung, And Blood Pressure Assessment.
  • Tunable Diaphragm Responds With A Simple Pressure Change To Capture Low And High-Frequency Sounds.
  • Anatomically Designed Headset Is Angled To Channel Sound Into The Ear Canal.
  • Soft Sealing Eartips With Metal Bush.
  • Combination Chestpiece Is Precisely Machined To Exacting Tolerances From Lightweight Aluminum. Highly Sensitive, Non-Chill Diaphragm For Greater Amplification And Crisper High-Frequency Transmission Extra-Large, Non-Chill Bell For Low-Frequency Response.

Lightweight aluminum powder coating chest piece. High acoustic sensitivity. Pvc ' U-shaped tube. Soft sealing ear tips. Chrome-plated headset comfortably angled to use the stethoscope rotate the chest piece. There will be a click sound. Then you may be able to hear the sound. Rotate back when not in use, this will avoid any unwanted background noise when the device is not in use.

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